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Skypapi Air Services (S.A.S) specializes in airborne imagery, thermal and geospatial data acquisition and processing services for government, engineering, survey, construction and other geospatial customers



    We are a Toronto based provider of quality urban planning, terrain analysis and environmental mapping services including: Topographic Maps, Digital Terrain Models, Contour Maps, Digital Orthophotos, Aerial Triangulation, Surface Models, LiDAR, Volumetrics


    We operate state of the art fleet of enterprise compliant UAV systems for visual and thermal aerial inspections and aerial photography

    We make your elevated inspections safe and accurate

    SFOC/OC Part 107 Operator


    Assured geospatial accuracy

    Visual orthoimagery

    Thermal orthoimagery

    Night scan maps

    Topographic maps

    Orthorectified 3D

    Custom GIS layers

    Easy to share via ESRI and Google