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SkyPapi Aerial Services provides professional airborne digital imagery acquisition and data processing services. We focus on accuracy, quality and safety 



    Skypapi team is experienced and equipped to provide aerial data acquisition through planned precision, low level flying.

    We provide in-house data processing, where we convert hundreds of aerial images into highly accurate geo-referenced maps, 3D models. We complement ground survey crews by providing service in difficult to access sites.


    We operate state of the art fleet of unmanned aerial systems (drones) and aircraft for visual and thermal aerial inspections and aerial photography. We make your remote, difficult to access, and potentially dangerous inspections safe and accurate. Our aerial inspection process saves time and money by minimizing downtime by improving the preventative maintenance and safely optimizing operational goals. 


    We collect high resolution digital imagery that is geometrically corrected to produce spatial accuracy and reliability of a map.

    Digital maps are easy to view and share on our cloud platform or download and use with a GIS, CAD software. We also provide free cutting-edge 3D geospatial visualization tool that can be used for analysis and project sharing with fully featured 3D terrain models that provide organizations excellent data intelligence.

All aircraft and UAS (drones) are operated by certified and insured commercial pilots

Tel: 416-402-3009