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Where do we excel?
We specialize in digital imagery acquisition of the ground area of interest (AOI) using our airborne visual and thermal sensors. We use this data and information to make a detailed observation and report them in the form of measurements, maps, progress reports, inspection reports and 3D models. We provide geospatial fill-in for satellite and aerial data or small area processing up to 50sq km.

Our QoS mandate:
At Skypapi Aerial Services (SAS) the quality of our services is our priority. We deliver highest professional and ethical standards and strive to develop strong, trusting relationships with our clients.

Why hire us:
We are a service provider with the strong focus on producing accurate and dependable data. Our value as the aerial inspection and mapping provider is with experienced, certified and safe drone pilots. We consistently practice innovative approaches and stay in front of the technological trends. We strive to provide the best possible project solutions without the need of "over selling" our services. Our clients always get the product and service they want and expect.