Where do we excel?
Currently SkyPapi Drone Services specialize in LiDAR and digital imagery acquisition of data of the ground area of interest (AOI) using our airborne laser, visual and thermal sensors.

We use this data and information to make a detailed observations and report them in the form of:
1. Measurements for the survey companies.
2. Maps, progress reports, inspection reports for the construction companies.
3. Measurements/GIS and 3D models for the municipal government, engineering and mining organizations.
4. Thermomaps and thermal infrared images analysis and reporting for the engineering organizations and municipal government.

Top 5 reasons to hire us
1. Safety:
Safety is our top priority. Each commercial drone pilot works to an operations manual that has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and undertakes additional risk assessments for each flight. Relevant aviation safety standards are adopted and incorporated in our operations as our UAV pilots are also commercial aviation pilots.

2. Higher level of licensing and emergency response capability:
Because of higher levels of licensing, we can legally fly close to people, vessels, airports and structures. Being a Complex Compliant Commercial drone operator, we have permission for commercial night flights and flights in congested areas. The benefit of this flexibility is in executing the required UAV flights with a moment of notice for emergencies.

3. Quality equipment:
Our equipment is regularly checked and well maintained. Part of our operations manual dictates checks we need to undertake before and after each flight to ensure our drones are in optimal and safe condition. We ensure our drones are updated with not only the latest but the most stable and reliable software. We ensure we always carry critical spare parts such as: batteries, propellers, spare parts, etc.

4. Highly qualified and trained staff: We are a service provider with the strong focus producing and delivering accurate and dependable actionable data. We consistently practice innovative approaches and stay in front of the technological trends. We strive to provide the best possible project solutions without the need of "over selling" our services. Our clients always get the product and service they want and expect.

5. Reliability of service:
We can promise reliable and timely service by ensuring redundancy in critical personnel and equipment. We ensure that the collected data is secure and stored both online and offline. By combining factors indicated above, safety, higher level licensing, quality equipment and highly trained staff makes us the top choice candidate for your needs.