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Competitively-priced and accurate RGB and thermal mapping products specifically designed to meet your needs. We also provide in-house data processing, where we convert hundreds of aerial images into highly accurate geo-referenced maps, 3D models, DEM, DTM. Our clients asked and now we deliver full ArCGIS analysis data processed in our Toronto office.


We take special orders for your AOI (Area Of Interest)

up to 1:500

Typically sensors are mounted on the UAV and sometimes helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.
GSD approx up to 4cm


up to 1:1000

Typically sensors are mounted on the fixed wing aircraft and helicopter and sometimes UAV.
GSD approx up to 8cm

File Formats

GeoTIFF, JPG2, ECW, MrSID and variety of CAD outputs compatible with most sophisticated GIS and CAD software used today in the industry


WGS84 (GCS), NAD83 (PCS) 

Horizontal: UTM 

Vertical: NAVD99/CGVD28/CGVD2013


Spatial resolution (2-15cm), blemish free and natural color. All tiles are radiometricaly balanced

Color-IR rocessing options available


3D flood plan simulation (Brantford ON)