Competitively priced and accurate RGB and thermal 2D mapping products specifically designed to meet your needs. We also provide in-house data processing, where we convert hundreds of aerial images into highly accurate geo-referenced maps and 3D models (DEM/DTM). Our clients asked and now we deliver full ArCGIS analysis data processed in our Toronto office.


We take special orders for your AOI (Area Of Interest)

up to 1:500

Typically sensors are mounted on the UAV and sometimes helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.
GSD approx up to 4cm


up to 1:1000

Typically sensors are mounted on the fixed wing aircraft and helicopter and sometimes UAV.
GSD approx up to 8cm

File Formats

GeoTIFF, JPG2, ECW, MrSID, LAS/LAZ and variety of CAD outputs compatible with most sophisticated GIS and CAD software used today in the industry


WGS84 (GCS), NAD83 (PCS) 

Horizontal: UTM 

Vertical: NAVD99/CGVD28/CGVD2013


Spatial resolution (2-15cm), blemish free and natural color. All tiles are radiometricaly balanced

Color-IR rocessing options available


3D flood plan simulation (Brantford ON)